What parents are saying:

Stacie Donison is one of the best speech therapists we have ever worked with. She has worked with 2 of my children. She has an amazing amount of patience. My son is autistic and can be difficult. He will try anything to get out of therapy. Stacie broke through this in a kind and loving way. She is such an amazing person. She truly has a passion for her job and strives to make each child the best that they can be. It is rare to find someone like her. Any child who gets to work with her is very lucky. We miss her every day and are so sad she moved. I think her best attribute is the compassion she has for both the child and their family. She is great at communicating with parents. She realizes that it is a difficult situation and she is truly interested in helping the family incorporate the therapy into their daily life.
~ Kym

My husband and I gave birth to a precious baby boy in June of 2007. Sadly, that precious baby boy came into the world a little too early and needed some extra, extra love and treatments. We discovered that Griffin would have some developmental delays due to his premature birth and therapists would soon be a part of our new life. We introduced him to some therapist that in the end would change our lives FOREVER. As a parent, you crave to hear your baby’s voice. You crave to communicate with them. We met a speech therapist that gave us exactly what we craved…and we will always be grateful for all she taught him and us. Stacie was our speech therapist for a long time and she would come to our home once a week for one hour sessions with Griffin. They immediately bonded and became the best of friends. Stacie’s skills were untouchable and through her determination and dedication to our beautiful son he was able to give us one special gift, the gift of speech. He grew by leaps and bounds under her wings and to this day we hold her high on our list of favorite people. She is gentle, kind, smart, witty, trustworthy and perfect. She is an amazing therapist and has an extensive resume. She carries within her heart an extremely high level of patience in working with special needs children – we think she is an angel on Earth. If you want to see major improvements with your child’s speech needs, you need to embark upon a journey with Stacie.
Rob and Missy Gaspard (Phoenix, Arizona)

It is with great pleasure I write this letter. As a mother of a child with Special Needs, it is very difficult to get the services that will positively support your child’s growth and development. Additionally, once those services are granted, it’s even more of a challenge to find a person that is genuinely dedicated to servicing those needs of our children.

We found just that in Stacie Donison when she began seeing my son for speech. When you meet Stacie, you will find her to be flexible with time schedules that work for both the parent and child. You will also find that she is consistent, dependable and encouraging. Her passion when working with your child is shown, even in the most challenging situations.

As a parent, I was truly pleased with the work she had done with my son. She challenged him, corrected him and encouraged him without breaking his spirit. His speech over time was improved significantly from being barely audible to a level of being understood by most versus those that knew him and were around him regularly. This greatly improved his social confidence as he began to socialize more with peers and didn’t worry so much about not being understood.

As a professional, I have to say it is difficult to find someone that is as dedicated as Stacie. She was always there for scheduled appointments and time was re-scheduled in advance if she needed time off. The admiration my son continues to still have for her speaks volumes because her influence made such an impact on him that will last him a lifetime. As a parent, I am so grateful for the 3 years Stacie spent with my son, the progress he made and the sincere bond they had. There is a lot to be said when your child actually looks forward to therapy – it was hard work that she made fun, engaging and meaningful. We truly miss her and haven’t had anyone who has had the success or positive influence that she had.
Melanie Knight

I met Stacie through the school we worked at three years ago. She worked with my daughter, who was in second grade at the time, one day a week at school. They focused on her articulation and mastering a specific sound set that she had missed previously in her speech classes. My daughter had been in speech services in preschool and when she went to kindergarten and first grade the school she was at discharged her before she had mastered all the sounds and the articulation of her words. Stacie evaluated her and found that she still qualified for services and she worked with her through the school year. Stacie made each session fun by playing games with her and having her engage in conversation as much as possible. During the few months that Stacie worked with my daughter, her articulation improved immensely and so did her confidence. By the end of the school year she mastered the skill that she was working on. Now when you talk with my daughter, you can’t even tell that she had a speech issue. Stacie also evaluated my son who has Asperger’s syndrome, though he did not qualify for speech therapy through the school, she did offer some advice and suggestions on how to help him. Both of my children really enjoyed working with Stacie, she has been missed by all of us.
Breanne G.

I am pleased to write this testimonial for Stacie Donison. Stacie served as a Speech – Language Pathologist for my autistic, two year old son.

Stacie was consistently professional, responsible & reliable. Stacie is a friendly, open person who is willing to do whatever was asked, exhibiting necessary flexibility to be successful in a setting where routine may change or adaptations may become necessary anytime.

Stacie worked well with Dylan helping him bring out many various sounds which he never used before she came. Dylan was always happy when Stacie entered the door coming into our home bringing a comfortable presence that my child thrived on.

I highly recommend Stacie Donison. We are sad that Stacie will not be working with our little guy anymore as she has become a part of our family.